VKA Vodka

The first Tuscany vodka from organic farming

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Made in Tuscany

Located in a historic villa of the eighteenth century, VKA's headquarters is nestled in one of the most scenic areas of Mugello from which one can admire the Medici fortress of San Martino, the castle of Trebbio and the Cafaggiolo Castle, the last declared World Heritage Site. The view of the villa is the "vision" that animates the entire project: stretches of flourishing wheat fields from which one can follow the stages of cultivation and production.

From the organic sheaf of wheat, VKA distills a vodka of exceptional purity, filtered with great care to enhance the entire range of scents that distinguish it. VKA is a shiny vodka made of fresh and slightly fruity notes, with no sharp edge spirits despite the gradation of 40°.

VKA uses a very refined distillation method:  Distilled by four double effect continuous vacuum columns. 

It has a zero-impact environmental process: organic farming, natural water, spent grains are used for food and livestock feed.  Bottle is ALL glass (including top) and box is made from recycled paper.

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