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Tenuta Santa Maria di Gaetano Bertani

Behind the Bertani family name lie centuries of winemaking expertise. When, at the start of the last half of the 1800s, brothers Gaetano e Giovan Battista Bertani, pictured above, set out to establish a new benchmark for excellence in their craft, they were already building on a firmly established viticultural heritage. Official documents from as early as the mid-fifteen hundreds can attest to the family’s activity in the Valpolicella region. Combining their deep respect for tradition and love of the land with commercial savvy and innovative drive in both the areas of production and cultivation, the brothers Bertani built an enterprise unique to the Veneto of their epoch. With a forward-looking spirit, they introduced revolutionary vine growing techniques developed by agronomist Jules Guyot, techniques to which Gaetano Bertani had been exposed during his years of political exile in France for his active role in the Italian Unification Movement against the Austrian Empire. 



BiancaVigna is the partnership between two families: the Cuzziols and Moschettas. The Moschettas have been wine producers in San Gallo since 1903.  The Cuzziols are food merchants whose business was established in the 1920s.  In 2004, they founded BiancaVigna with the goals of marrying their passions for food and wine in a great Prosecco producer and Agroturismo. Elena Moschetta is the head of Bianca Vigna and runs with winery.  Her brother, Enrico Moschetta, has been producing others’ Prosecco for 20 years.  At Bianca Vigna, they are able to craft great Prosecco from three selectively farmed vineyards in Conegliano-Valdobbiandene.  Enrico tries to transmit the true flavors and sensations of the Glera grape, while consistently employing modern technologies in the cellar. He only uses the bare minimum of the chemicals in the vineyards and always looks towards tradition in the vineyards. This philosophy certainly comes through in his substantial Prosecco