Ronco dei Tassi

Collio is generally known for producing a number of aromatic whites with structure and great complexity. The layered, elegant wines of Ronco dei Tassi have ideal growing conditions: hillside vineyards with sharp changes in day and night temperatures that generate complexity and depth of aromas. Soil is another key factor: Layers of marl and sandstone—known locally as ponca—impart salinity and a mineral edge to the wines.


Hillside, Terraces, and Badgers

The north-eastern region of Friuli is renowned for being home to some of Italy’s most avant-garde winemakers, but there are still some producers whose commitment to tradition allows them to stand out from the crowd. Ronco dei Tassi’s Fabio Coser is a perfect example: a firm believer in terroir, he produces wines which typify the area.  The name ronco is Friulian for ‘hillside, terraced vineyard’. Ronco dei Tassi is named after the badgers (tassi) in this little nook of paradise in the heart of the Collio, bordering the splendid Plessiva National Park.

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A family business

Ronco dei Tassi was started as a family owned and run estate and continues as such with sons Matteo and Enrico joining the business. The estate has also grown in size. Today they own over 30 hectares (75 acres) of which 18 (45 acres) are planted to vines with the rest being left as forested land, something they consider essential because it is this relationship between cultivated land and wooded land that allows them to develop and maintain an environment where sustainable agriculture can be practiced with all the implicit benefits customers can expect. They family firmly believes that these values act as a further guarantee that will insure, we hope, the future of our splendid territory.


The Ronco dei Tassi labels


Ronco dei Tassi - Collio DOC

Fabio Coser’s earlier career as a consulting oenologist allowed him privileged knowledge of the area’s terroir. The calcareous soil is laboriously terraced to optimize exposure and drainage. It yields superb indigenous varieties, expertly tutored by Fabio and son Enrico into stylish and characterful wines for their flagship brand.  


CLIC- Venezia-Giulia IGP

Enrico Coser, young gun winemaker from Ronco dei Tassi, created Clic to introduce a new generation to the delights of the grapes and wines of Friuli. The name Clic, in Friulan dialect, means ‘a small glass of wine shared with friends’ - exactly what the range is designed for. Great value wines with ‘drinkability’, bottled under screwcap with decidedly modern packaging. 

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 Vigna del LAURO - Collio and Isonzo DOC

Vigna del Lauro is a series of single vineyard sites nestled primarily in the heart of Collio in the commune of Cormons. Vines are planted with southerly exposures at altitudes ranging from 140 to 200 meters above sea level. Production of Vigna del Lauro wines rarely exceeds 6,000 cases.

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