E. Pira e Figli "Chiara Boschis"

The formidable woman behind the great Barolo.


A key player in the history of Barolo

E.Pira e Figli is a key player in the history of Barolo. The Pira family, whose members have been vignerons for generations, started producing and bottling wine at the end of the 19th century, receiving immediate recognition for their stellar quality

When the Pira lineage ended tragically with the death of Luigi Pira, the estate was sold to the Boschis family, of Giacomo Borgogno Figli. Chiara Boschis took the reins in 1990 with a clear vision of what she wanted to accomplish; to marry the extraordinary power of Barolo with approachability, enticing elegance, and lush, intense aromas. She vinifies exclusively from proprietary vineyards, located in the very best crus of Barolo: Cannubi, San Lorenzo, Via Nuova and Mosconi, for a grand total of 32 acres.

Chiara Boschis

Annual production is a miniscule 5,000 cases. In the time Chiara has run the estate, she has quickly become a 'Superwoman' in the area, as one of only a few female winemakers in the Langhe. Her wines are also no strangers to the limelight, regularly garnering high praise from international publications.

Chiara is a farmer first. As a winemaker, she is a master of balance, crafting finessed and sophisticated wines that are some of the most aromatically dynamic expressions of Barolo today.

Chiara Boschis: “It was a very exciting time when I started. This group of friends and I, the “Barolo"boys”, as they are called now were always exchanging suggestions and ideas. We wanted to make Barolo the best we could. I remember in 1994, Giorgio (Rivetti) and I went around at night to green harvest, so that the neighbors wouldn’t see how many bunches we were cutting. When my father saw the result the next day, he said I was throwing away money, he was traditional and didn’t understand. But you know, I think, when you want to do something completely different, you have to do it your own way."

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