Contratto Aperitif

Alcohol: 13.5%
Sugar: 250 g/l
Color: 100% natural with vegetable extracts from carrots and red beets
Flavors: 100% natural
Ingredients: Water, sugar, alcohol, herbal and vegetable extracts, aloe, angelica root, wormwood, safflower, cinchona, bitter orange, sweet orange, lemon and tangerine peel, hawthorn, cascarilla, cloves, cardamom, licorice, juniper berries, mint, rhubarb, sage, nettle, ginger, and many more…

The original recipe for Contratto Aperitif dates back to 1933 and is based on a mixture of 24 delicately infused, premium natural herbs, spices, roots, and seeds combined with Italian Brandy.

A slow, cold maceration process is carried out according to tradition, resulting in a sophisticated, all-natural elixir. This complex yet well balanced “boutique” aperitif can turn any Contratto aperitif cocktail into an exceptional experience.

Formats Available: 1 L


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